Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Commanders - Rob & Jamie

After some vacillation (with intermittent dithering) I decided to use select Darksword Miniatures GRRM Masterworks figures for my nobles leading each force - despite the fact that they're 30mm and stand a head taller than the Perrys and Fireforge I'm using.  These are just blocked on 40mm bases as I experiment with adding a banner bearer or musician in the background.

Here's my rationale for this decision:
  • They're fantastic sculpts by the great Tom Meier - one of the finest sculptors ever. Check out his beautiful work at his own site Thunderbolt Mountain.
  • They have the blessing of GRRM, which is a helpful visual indicator. For example Rob is in mostly chainmail, small bascinet with camail, surcoat and fur cloak.  That gives me plenty of visual themes to build on through the Stark forces.  Jaime, by contrast, is in ful plate harness reflecting the relative wealth of Lannister and justifying my choice of mid-15th century miniatures for the wealthier houses.
  • They're on their own 40mm bases and as such, their scale won't stand out as much.
  • They're heroes in their own right, and can be "larger than life"
  • If the scale difference really annoys me after it's all put together. I can replace them.
So, there you have it.


  1. Any reason why you are leaving Rob on is base? I would remove him to free up space for the banner bearer. I might also consider using 50mm or 60mm rounds (I have some if you need some) if you plan to put a banner bearer behind them (which would look awesome).

    You may want to "mount" Cersei in front of Jamie ;-) lol

    1. Ha! You dog!

      Rob is placed, not glued and I will take him off that base and pin him to the 40mm.

  2. Those figures look grand.
    For Rob, I'd suggest adding his wolf instead of a bannerman.

    1. David,

      A great idea. So good, in fact, that I'm using his dire wolf on a separate base. In Dux Brit, the commander has a "champion" with it's own model. Rob's will be his wolf.


  3. Nice choice of figures. I don't think the scale will be much of a problem.Strange I had never considered Jaime with long curly hair, though thinking back on the descriptions in the books it is obvious, but I'm very good at ignoring written descriptions of characters and visualising them in my minds eye totally different.

  4. This is a great project. Look forward to seeing the Masterworks figures with the regular figures. I have been tempted to start a project like this for a while so I hope it works out for you.