Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bigger Fish to Fry...

For those of you checking in here on my little folly, I wanted to give you a heads up that it will be quiet here for about a week or so while I travel for work and, more importantly, work on a significant non-hobby project.

This weekend I'll spend three days with a writing coach, finishing a final draft of my masters' thesis.  This thing has been like a millstone around my neck and I'm looking forward to getting it unstuck.

Thus my creative energy will be pointed in that direction for a bit.  But I look to have a bit of hobby time the weekend after next.  By then,  maybe those Teutonic foot knights will be available by then so that I can finish off my Stark men at arms. 

I received my Perry Agincourt metals that I'll use for my second group of Lannister men-at-arms and will build out six armored figures on foot from the Perry plastic WotR sets to represent elite household knights.

With that, and some base texturing, I will have no further excuses for not showing some painted miniatures around here. 

"Get them to the tabletop..."


  1. I feel your pain brother! I'd be embarrassed to mention how long it took me to get my thesis finalized. you are going to be SO happy when its done...and then you can start forgetting about it and focusing on whats important...little lead men!

    Best of luck!
    Just DO it!

    1. Hi Blue,

      Thanks for the well-wishes from someone who knows!! At this point, I'm beyond shame. My cohort graduated in 2006. I was in the top of my class but choked half way through my thesis. Tcha! I now have a first full draft of all five chapters and it's going to my advisor this weekend!!

      All who wander are not lost...

      Thank you for your kind words!


  2. Good luck with the thesis... I recall my dissertation being soul-destroying, it somehow sucked all the life out of something I really enjoyed. I imagine a thesis to be more so! However the sense of achievement will more than make up for it I imagine.

    Catch you when you return!

    1. Hey Jim,

      Yes, the feeling is Lazarus-like in accomplishing what I had come to believe would never happen. And, as a bonus, I now have more free time for this project!

      Thanks for the empathy!


  3. It's been quite a while now - I suppose everything goes well with you and the writing?

    Looking forward to see more of the Ice and Fire-stuff!

    1. Hola Llama!

      I just posted on your blog not knowing you posted here! Odd minds think alike!

      Yes, aside from a few inevitable rounds of revisions that my thesis advisor will demand, the majority of my writing is done!!

      Looking forward to seeing those very expensive Men of Dale painted up. Do you keep them in a safe or do you have them insured by Lloyds of London? :-)

      Best to you,


    2. Insurance... this raises a good question: The models we own, surely they aren't covered by one's normal insurance?!

      "Odd minds think alike", I like that :)

      And I am glad to hear that the lion-share of the writing has been done - myself, I have not studied further, but almost everyone in my proximity did it after teens and up to thirty and after(!), so I know how they laboured.

      The men of Dale will get a special treatment. But I am waiting for... hrm... silicone... (I am almost blushing here). So painting will have to wait until I get the order away, in the meantime I try not to look at the single golden sprue ;)