Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lannister Retinue - Shipping out!

Discretion is the better part of valor...

Well, as I have more money than time and more hobby ambition than sense of reality, I've decided to expedite this project after almost 2 years of languishing following its promising launch. That tale of woe is memorialized below in some of the earliest posts, but now it's "Excelsior" - onwards and upwards...

To achieve that, I am swallowing my pride to pay someone else to paint my models. My good friend Jay (Jay's Wargaming Madness) has done this for years, despite being a very talented painter in his own right. The problem is, when I started to do this a year ago, the painter he recommended (Steve Dake) was booked solid for the rest of the year thanks to...that's right - Jay (and my other friends from that circle).  Couldn't get a model in edgewise.  Well, everything in it's own time.  Now that I have my window, off go my Lannisters (while I paint the Greyjoys)

I will explain the design logic of my Westeros project in its own post soon (aka Direwolf, Stag, Lion and Dragon Rampant), but for now, the Lannister aesthetic is late 15th cent. Europe/WotR with visual unity through predominantly sallet style helmets and heater shields.

24 points of Lannister goodness (or badness)

House Lannister Retinue

This will be the core household retinue of what might become a larger force as I add diverse other bannermen houses as units in their own livery - Clegane, Brax, Crakehall, Marbrand and Lorch

6 pts - Knights of Casterly Rock
4 pts - Mounted Crossbowmen
4 pts - Foot Serjeants 
6 pts - Foot Crossbowmen with pavise
4 pts - Tribesmen from the Vale (fierce foot)


Perry plastic WotR MAA with Fireforge capes and heater shields
Perry WotR mounted crossbows no modifications


Perry Agincourt Heavy Infantry
(Pavises to be replaced with heater shields)
Black Tree Designs Ancient Germans
Appropriately shaggy and primitive! 
Bog standard Perry WotR crossbows with pavise
I'm very anxious to see how these come back. My good buddy had his Perry plastic HYW painted by Steve (the one's on his blog now) and they look great up close.  We're agreed if both of us enjoy this exchange, a Tully retinue is takes the same trip to Michigan in a couple months while I work on House Stark.


  1. Impressive looking troops...and most impressive when they'll be painted!

  2. Can'take wait to see what Steve has done ... going to be gaming in no time! Glad you'very come to the dark side :-)